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Runtime GetDataBack Simple 5.55

Runtime GetDataBack Simple 5.55

GetDataBack Simple - простое программное обеспечение для восстановления данных. Молниеносно быстрое, для FAT и NTFS. Восстановите прямо сейчас одним щелчком мыши.

Основные возможности:
• Восстанавливает все данные вашего жесткого диска
• Восстанавливает имена файлов и структуру каталогов
• Одним кликом, это проще, чем просто
• Молниеносная операция
• Поддерживает все жесткие диски, SSD, флэш-карты, USB
• Новый, переработанный и переписанный, использованы новейшие технологии
• Поддерживает NTFS, FAT12, FAT16, FAT32

GetDataBack Simple is a completely redesigned and rewritten Data Recovery solution for Windows file systems. Our developers have combined decades of data recovery experience with the newest technologies.

GetDataBack Simple is a completely redesigned and rewritten Data Recovery solution for Windows file systems. Our developers have combined decades of data recovery experience with the newest technologies. GetDataBack Simple combines recovery capabilities for FAT and NTFS. You do not need to find out beforehand which files system your drive was formatted with. GetDataBack Simple's recovery engine internally uses four distinguished sophistication levels that automatically escalate until good results have been achieved.

GetDataBack is more than an undelete or file recovery program or a system restore.
GetDataBack Simple will recover your data if the hard drive's partition table, boot record, FAT/MFT or root directory are lost or damaged, data was lost due to a virus attack, the drive was formatted or re-partitioned, a power failure has caused a system crash, files were lost due to a software failure, or files were accidentally deleted. GetDataBack Simple can even recover your data when the drive is no longer recognized by Windows. GetDataBack Simple works on hard drives, SSD, flash card, USB sticks, etc.

Get everything back, the safe, easy, and fast way
Advanced algorithms make sure that all files and directories are put together as they were, and that file names are reconstructed correctly. GetDataBack employs a number of approaches to your data, depending on the actual condition of your drive. Four different escalating sophistication levels ensure your files are recovered.

GetDataBack is read-only, meaning the program will not attempt to "fix" or write to the drive you are about to recover. GetDataBack Simple's user interface is so simple, it enables even the most inexperienced users to conduct their own data recovery with just one click.

GetDataBack Simple not only recovers you data. It does it quick. The first sophistication levels recover large drives in seconds or minutes. The speed of copying the recovered data to another medium competes with the speed of regular file copy operations.

Год: 2020
: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP
Интерфейс: ENG
Лекарство: есть
Размер: 14.8 Мб

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